Vasogen Pump-Activating Vasodilator Tigers Blood

Vasogen Pump-Activating Vasodilator Tigers Blood

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Vasogen XT Powder by VMI Sports

Pump-Activating Vasodilator* 

* Enhanced Super Vasodilation Matrix*
* Contains powerful Vaso-active Herbal Extracts*
* Uniquely Formulated for Immedite Nitric Oxide Response and Blood Flow Impact*

VasogenXT™ is different. Unlike most alleged vasodilator products of the past, VasogenXT™ is NOT based on Arginine. Instead, we’ve based our vasodilator on clinically studied herbal compounds, which have REAL science behind them. What do you get? REAL PUMPS & REAL RESULTS!*

This game changing, vein popping vasodilation matrix combines the ultimate swell blend, including Hawthorn Berry powder, Pine Bark Extract, Theobromine, ViNitrox™ and AgmaPure™ Agmatine Sulfate. VasogenXT™ is the perfect pump powder to gain immediate nitric response and blood flow impact.*

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