HumaPro Exotic Peach Mango

HumaPro Exotic Peach Mango

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HumaPro Powder Overview 

ALR’s HumaPro Powder is the first of its kind to offer amino acids in the correct ratios that humans utilize best. Standard whey, casein, meat, fish and egg proteins aren’t optimized for human consumption, or any animal for that matter. Every carnivorous animal absorbs each source of protein differently and some sources are inherently better than others. However, none compare to HumaPro, which is formulated perfectly for optimal human absorption and utilization. HumaPro is also much healthier and less toxic than other protein sources, since less nitrogen waste results in less post-processing work for your kidneys and other toxin filtering or excretive organs.

HumaPro is delicately formulated to maximize NNU (Net Nitrogen Utilization) and minimize NC (Nitrogen Catabolites). HumaPro has a 99% NNU, which means only 1% of HumaPro is excreted as nitrogen catabolites. Compare this to standard whey protein, which has a NNU of only 16%, leaving an average nitrogen catabolite waste rate of 84%! If you’re looking to get more out of your protein, pick up some HumaPro today, formulated specifically for humans.

HumaPro Powder Description from ALR 
Humapro is produced in a cGMP and NSF certified facility utilizing USP pharmaceutical grade Ajinnomoto Amino Acids. Humapro does not contain any dairy or animal products, sodium, gluten, sugar or preservatives. Ajinomoto Amino Acids are 100% vegetable origin enzyme assimilated and purified without any synthetic ingredients, reagents or harmful chemicals.

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