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Nutrition Depot

Established in 2001.

Since opening our first location in Lawrenceville, we have expanded our retail locations to Duluth (here), and Lawerenceville.

We specialize in educating the community on how to live healthy. We carry all major and minor dietary supplement brands like Garden of Life, Jarrow, and Now, as well as sports supplement brands such as BSN, ON, and cellucor. Come in and speak with one of our highly knowledgeable experts about your health concerns. We'll be happy to help.
Employees and store owners are very passionate and knowledgeable about supplements .
When you buy a product online, you are missing out on important advice from seasoned professionals.
Store owners know what works based on customer feedback, and are familiar with the newest trends and formulations to include to support a healthy lifestyle.
Most rewarding is they love helping people find a product that works!


Jonathan C.
Jonathan C.

I've been in many business venture, and it took me a very long time to realize what I truly wanted to do. After many failures and few successes, I started Nutrition Depot in Lawrenceville, GA, hoping to help the community recognize the importance of living healthy, and how healthy life can contribute to living happily. With the community's support and love, I expanded the business and opened the Duluth location.
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